If you are interested in immigration to Canada there are multiple programs available to you.
We can help you to assess your individual selection factors to determine the most direct route to permanent residence. Federal and provincial immigration programs are distinct from each other, and both are constantly changing. We keep abreast of all changes, as well as the forecasts before the changes, to better guide our clients our clients through the immigration process.

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Canada's employment market is steadily growing even though economic slowdown.
Canada is the second largest country in the world according to landmass, that is why need labour force.

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When you think of Canada, you probably think of its picture postcard beauty – wide-open spaces, dramatic mountains, pristine forests and majestic lakes. What might not come to mind, however, is that Canada is a modern, progressive, open and tolerant multi-cultural society with 2 official languages – English and French.

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Business Immigration

If you decide to start a new business, you will need to spend some time developing your business idea. One of the greatest advantages of being an entrepreneur is being able to work on something that interests you and that you are passionate about. Unfortunately, passion does not always translate into profits.
The more information you can gather about the potential demand for your product or service, about your competitors, and about the needs and wants of your prospective customers, the more successful you are likely to be.

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if you have committed or been convicted of a crime, you may not be allowed into Canada.

A Canadian immigration officer will decide if you can enter Canada when you apply for a visa, an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), or when you arrive at a port of entry

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About Kentrexs

Incorporated in 1983 and Federally 1984, Kentrexs is one of the most respected immigration consulting organizations in Canada. We have maintained our status by offering reliable, quality service adhering to the highest industry standards and with a superior commitment level to our clients.
The immigration process can be confusing and overwhelming. Over the past two decades, Kentrexs has cultivated a reputation for quality service by guiding

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